BLACK FRIDAY SALE BALL CLAW 2.0 STRAP "Breakball Edition" Ball holder for outdoor activities

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The Black Friday Week offer is valid from November 20th, 2020 to November 30th, 2020

Old price 26.95 €


  • Strong grip especially for outdoor balls: soccer✓, basketball✓, volleyball✓, softball✓.
  • With our unique Velcro system, you can easily attach the ball mount to: Bag✓, Backpack✓, Trolli✓, Bike✓, Scooter✓, Hoverseat✓, Goalpost✓, Street Basketball Court✓ Fence✓ and much more.
  • With the shoulder strap you can now also ride skateboard✓, inliner ✓, roller skates✓ or hoverboard✓ and carry your outdoor ball safely with you.
  • The shoulder strap can be adjusted in length and easily closed with buckles.
  • For families with children, athletes, fan article collectors, clubs, schools, freestylers.
  • Ball Claw 2.0 Strap is suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use (Nursery✓, Cellar✓, Garage✓, Workshop✓, Garden✓, Outdoor facilities✓).

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